I started my adventure with photography in 2007. 

The photos were published in the magazines in Poland and abroad USA, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Russia, Hong Kong, India or Schweiz

Magazines in where my photos were located i.a. VOGUE Italia, Imirage Magazine, Picton Magazine, Feroce Magazine, MALVIE Magazine, Elléments Magazine, Creators Magazine, StyleCruze Magazine, Over Magazines, Fienfh Magazine, MARIKA Magazine, Genzo Magazine, LYUN Magazine, and many others.

He photographed names like: 
Tomasz Ciachorowski, Anita Jancia-Prokopowicz, Krystian Kukułka, Przemysław Puchała, Marta Jarczewska, Michał Kurek, Jakub Szlachetka, Łukasz Darłak, Samuel Kowalski, Marcin Chowaniak 

Q&Q | Japan Brand, KILLSTAR, The Death Rose, INBETWEEN, Biżuteria Fashion

Magazine Covers:
FADDY Magazine, Moevir Magazine, HORIZONT MAGAZINE, POZA MAGAZINE, Medyo Magazine, SIDHE MAGAZINE, IntElegance Magazine, BEYONDall Magazine, Imirage Magazine, BeautyMute Magazine 

2017 – Sooshka: A one-day photo exhibition combined with the exchange of works.

2019 – Distinction in the national photographic competition: portret edition X / todobrykurs .pl 
2017 – Distinction in the national photographic competition: portret edition VI / todobrykurs .pl

2020-2021 – Online Photography School / fotografika.edu.pl

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