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Had to give 3 away due to lack of space. Tai bromelinių (Bromeliaceae) šeimos daugiausia žoliniai augalai, kilę iš Amerikos tropikų. There have been no pups unfortunately :( Has removing the lower leaves prevented the plant from producing pups? Zed - Manchesrer UK: Hi. stones or wood. Amazing, spear-like flowerheads are covered in blue and white flowers which contrast beautifully against the … The genus name (Aechmea) comes from the Greek aichne, meaning spear-like reference to the shape of the flower heads. A broméliákra jellemző dolog, hogy öntözéskor vizet, a levelek alkotta kehely alakú tőlevélrózsába is kell önteni, és bizonyos időközönként cserélni is kell a vizet. When you have new pups appearing at the side and the parent looks like it is starting to rot leave it in place, don't pinch it out. Soil: Light soils - it is an air plant therefore getting most of its water from the central well. (thankyou monty python). do i remove the dead flower spike? About the Aechmea . You have tried ordinary soap, now try this more specific product that you can buy from any good nursery or garden centre. Spray carefuly all over, even under the leaves, covering all surfaces and repeat every two weeks until there is not more sign of aphids. It will most likely be very close alongside. I haven't been watering in the middle for a while, only the soil a bit about once a week. Schult. (I did it four times with 1 week in between). Lynne - Yorkshire: Hi i understand the plant needs watering into the well but i cant find anywhere that says if i should occasionally water the soil as my plant soil is really dry also when the pups appear should they be taken off and replanted please Lynne. This period of time … Is this ok. Thanks!. I'd never seen one before. You'd need to be at least down south as far as Bordeaux or better still to the south of France before they'd be safe in winter. A little water to the main roots now and then will help these new pup-roots develop and help the parental roots to decay.. Zara - London: Super helpful! Don't forget you are only providing moisture to the pup now so dry main roots are not a problem, though the pup will, in time, grow its own, but they are only for anchorage and do not supply much in the way of a drink for the new pup. Tillandsia bracteata Vell. is two years enough for the babies to mature? Named for the city of Orlando, Florida, Foster’s adopted home town, and the orange bracts and white flowers, being the city colors of Orlando. You'd need to be in sub tropical or tropical regions to griw this outside. Aechmea fasciata var. La Aechmea Aquilega Pertenece a la familia de las Bromeliaceas. And of course there's the old 'Ripe apple in a paper bag' trick too.. Susan Dalsgaard Hansen - Denmark: Hi i have a question. Am I being impatient or so I need to rip the pups from the mother?. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Flower, plant, potted-plant, tropical-plant, aechmea, subtropical-plant, aechmea-blue-rain, epifyt, epifyt-plant authentic stock photos from the millions of real-world images at Twenty20. Bill - Townsville, Qld: My suggestion Zarah would be to forget those two and concentrate on the two that are doing well. not receiving direct sunshine. Where you put it is your choice, just not in too much direct sun. Leon - Suffolk: Hi Webmaster, further on the subject of potting the pups (I have three) and you write they are air plants, is it OK to use orchid bark peat to pot them in as the phalenopsis orchids have a similar root system? Does anyone know how I can buy one? When I did this I noticed a smell of mould, so I was wondering, have I killed it or is there some way of reviving it? Aechmea Blue Rain has broad strap-like glossy green leaves and a breathtaking red, pink, white and purple inflorescence up to 40cm in length. In mild areas they are best grown indoors. At the top are blue and white flowers that contrast against the red stems. The flower spike is composed of bright pink … The flower spikes will last for many months and although the mother plant only blooms once, it will continue to produce young offshoots. Using a soil mix with structure will be best, e.g. Download Unionpedia on your Android™ device! Webmaster - Sydney: Well, Jenny, no Bromeliads like wet roots so I'd suggest removing all pot layers and giving it some space to get air around the roots while anchoring it with something solid e.g. Ensure you keep them warm, humid and watered while fertilising once a month and they will produce flowers in their own time when they are ready. Habitat: It grows in the rain forests as an epiphyte or saxicolous (found both on trees and rocks) or occasionally as a terrestrial plant. Billbergia rhodocyanea Lem. Once established and it flowers will a pup then be a new mother plant and produce its own pups. After a while of the flower dying, I was able to simply pull the dead flower from the well. Could anyone give me some advice to get it looking beautiful again. Lee - Oxfordshire: Where can I go to purchase one of these plants? I'm doing everything you've mentioned above and I now have 3 pups! Always with a 100% flowering and growth guarantee. I will try to prize the pups off again in a couple of weeks. Blue Rhino, Winston Salem, NC 27105 View Full Report. It has elliptic–oval-shaped leaves 45–90 cm (18–35 in) long and arranged in a basal rosette pattern. I want to prevent the pups to get the aphids too. Jess - Albury: Your answers are over there on the left of the page, Christine. I got a blue rain and its black on 2 leaf green leaf. These two things are vital to promote blooming.. Webmaster - Sydney: Well Lynne the well is where most water is taken in from though moistening the roots cant hurt it. Webmaster - Sydney: Leanne, just as described to the left. Aechmea Blue Rain.jpg 5,184 × 2,912; 2.17 MB. I can not fine them. Was Aechmea seideliana now Aechmea 'Seidel Blue' 1. Like an Orchid soil. If indoors then ensure it gets plenty of light but not directly onto the foliage. Public Records & Background Checks. Is there anything else i could try? But do I need to water at all now during the winter as soil is bone dry today? So you'll have to find a supplier in the US. give it a spray with a mister every day). Note: email address will not be displayed. Aechmea Blue Rain, Billbergia Blue Rain Familia. purpurea Guillon Thanks. Equally a good quality seed raising mix will be fine, just ensure the pups are well anchored.. Gill - dorset: i have a new shoot growing how do i make a new plant. Works great. Esta variedad tiene las hojas en forma de roseta, largas, estrechas, color verde glauca y ligeramente dentadas. So now my question is how long would it take for the little pups flower again? Useful to know: Origin. October I am tempted to remove the flowers as this seems to be the breeding place of the aphids. 170 species in the genus - they are mainly epiphytic in their natural environment e.g. Rightly or wrongly, I have trimmed all the mother plant's leaves right back, to leave the well (the dying leaves weren't pretty). Pour garder votre achméa en bonne santé chez vous: Les Aechmeas ont peu de racines et un petit pot est suffisant. var TheButtonPintrest; Daugumos augalų lapų viršūnė susisukusi j piltuvėlį, kuriame kaupiasi vanduo. I have an Aechmea Blue Rain, and the mother flower stem has died, as have a few of the centre leaves, so I've removed them. Aechmea "Madeira Dawn" X ramosa New registar (Madeira Rick Martin) Guzmania Lingulata: Aechmea chantini: Aechmea "Blue Rain" Neoregelia "crinson nest" Billbergia concolor: Nidularum rutilans "leprosa" Vriesea hybrid: Neoregelia purple giant! Will this pup only flower once it's potted on it's own? So you might have to wait until it dies back further before seeing any new growth. Webmaster - Sydney: Margaret - no its not toxic to cats. A nicely warm and humid hothouse or conservatory is your best bet.. alison durrant - Grimsby: Hi I 've found all of your tips very usefull, although I need some help with a bug issue on my blue rain plant. . Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Linda of Newcastle (in chilly UK, as opposed to rather warm NSW, Australia). Annie - Webmaster: Hi Lucy Use a soft cloth and tepid water to wipe away the powder, be very gentle so not to damage the leaf surface.. Liadain - London: Hi, my Aechmea 'Blue Rain' flower died a few months ago and there have been a couple of pups growing for a while now. L.B.Sm. Aechmea is a genus in the botanical family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Bromelioideae. Thank You. i say moisten as they dont like really wet roots - which will cause root rot. Probably many months later. Will my plant survive or have we killed it. I was wondering where I can buy these at? Thank you for all the great info!. The motherplant has some odd tiny white spots on the leaves, they do come off if I rub them really hard. Aechmea fasciata, more commonly known as the urn plant, is one of the most widely recognized species in the Aechmea genus.This bromeliad has thick, broad leaves.They are green in color with a silvery, horizontal banding. An Aechmea sphaerocephala in uska species han Liliopsida nga syahan ginhulagway ni Charles Gaudichaud-Beaupré, ngan ginhatag han pagkayana nga asya nga ngaran ni John Gilbert Baker.An Aechmea sphaerocephala in nahilalakip ha genus nga Aechmea, ngan familia nga Bromeliaceae. Aechmea 'Blue Rain' říše Plantae - rostliny » oddělení Magnoliophyta - rostliny krytosemenné » třída Liliopsida - rostliny jednoděložné » řád Poales - lipnicotvaré » čeleď Bromeliaceae - bromeliovité » rod Aechmea - echmea Hope this helps anyone.. Butch - Minnesota: I really like these flowers. Risposta : Aechmea blue rain. 2. کاربر:XOXOXO---ایکمیا باران آبی---en:aechmea blue rain---نشد: نسخه انگلیسی وجود نداشت; کاربر:XOXOXO---ایکمیا فاسکیاتا---en:aechmea fasciata---نشد: مقاله انگلیسی نسخه فارسی دارد. Accessed: 2019 Jun 17. Sorry for all the questions but my sister bought me this and I gather it was expensive and she'll kill me if I kill it.. Webmaster - Sydney: Gemma, you can separate or you can leave it attached, it will not affect the flowering. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Susan, sounds like its got some sort of fungal problem, which could be due to too much water, or poor airflow around the plant.. Nerijus - Amsterdam: Hi guys, i have a cat, and i will like to now, its not poisoning my cat? Glasshouse Thats what happens in nature where there is no-one to 'care' for it.. Jennifer Amy - Mansfield, Nottinghamshire: My mother plant has finished flowering and leaves browned. The cultivar was developed by Patricia Bullis of Princeton, Florida. Rating Content; Positive: On Mar 18, 2016, rmontouri from Santee, CA wrote: There is also a bright yellow variety. The gardens collection includes nearly 2,000 different species and over half of these are succulents.The gardens are noted for their collection of species from the African genus Aloe. If you want to encourage them to bloom then fertilise with some Epson Salts (Magnesium sulphate) and ensure they get around 4-6 hours of indirect sunlight per day. Zone: 11 Baker urnplant",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Taxonbars with automatically added basionyms, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 July 2020, at 00:11. Pls help. A real statement plant. The other (less than likely) bug that affects these plants is mealybugs - but they leave a cottony/waxy substance on the plant - the treatment here is rubbing alcohol, wipe it on, leave for a few hours then wash off with warm, soapy water. Does the plant like sitting in a pool of water? Aechmea 'Blue Rain' About me: I am easily identified by my vibrant neon flowers. It sticks on the flowers, leaves, and on the windows! But I do have a quick question: I repotted 4 Achmea Blue Rain pups a few weeks ago. JO - Wales: HI There, like everyone else the mother plant on mine has now died. In the meantime watering more sparingly in winter is good, but keep the central well full, it gets most of its water requirements from there rather than the surrounding soil.. Lola - Hervey Bay Quensland: Hi, can I put Flower Bromeliad Blue in the sun in Queensland? i noticed that the leaves all the way up and turning brown and that the top two flowers are brown.i was filling the top cup with water but the soil itself was bone dry. And it look like the same stuff as a spider use for its net. The flowers will have taken a turn for the worse and its probably something you've done in the past, rather anything you can do to reverse it. The inflorescence starts off pink and purple/blue as shown in photo-2 by Regenaldo, then it goes yellow as seen in photo-1. By David Skimmings . My Blue Rain started to die. bromeliad roots are really just anchors - not much goes in via them. Anne - tap water is fine, rainwater is always best.. Maggee - Banbury: The leaf edges have started to turn brown and now the flowers are turning brown. Pots/Tubs See more ideas about Bromeliads, Air plants, Plants. December, Zone: 10 Webmaster - Sydney: Well Jayne (of Solihull) they are most likely aphids, mites or thrips and are best deal with by spraying insecticidal soap. Majoritatea speciilor din genul Aechmea sunt originare din America Meridionala si sunt epifite, traind pe arborii din padurile pluviale. Some grown from seed, others shot at flowers shows and gardens whilst on holiday in this country and abroad. before humans got involved they were completely self-sufficient). Under Trees, January From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Aechmea 'Blue Tango' is a cultivar of the genus Aechmea. So you can safely cut off any brown bits but cut into brown not green, therefore you'll have to leave a thin strip of brown.. lynda dillon - manchester: sorry I may be extremely thick but what do pups look like I have just received this beautiful plant as a gift and know nothing .... it is already in flower in a small 20cm pot would I need to re pot. flavivittata Reitz Take a look at our huge range: we deliver the flowers right to your door. Many thanks. Aechmea bambusoides X Aechmea victoriana discolor BotGardBln271207.jpg 1,434 × 1,826; 609 KB Vacuole Wikipedia Eukaryotic And Prokaryotic Cells Similarities And Differences Difference Between Onion Cell And Human Cheek Cell Pediaa Com Unique Features Of Animal And Plant Cells Biology For Majors I ... Aechmea Blue Rain Blue Rain Bromeliad House Of Plants Aechmea Blue Rain is a gorgeous bromeliad which is as spectacular as it is easy to look after. Ann - Waltham Lincolnshire: I've read the comments and advice - all of which really useful, but do I use tap water or rain water for my Blue Rain?. Blue Rain Bromeliads Kew Orchids Plants. Die Gattung Aechmea wurde fr… At some point in the early times of the league, Blue Rain held a training camp, where the future prospects of Blue Rain, Yu Wenzhou, and Huang Shaotian, took part as well as Fang Rui. 22/jun/2020 - Explore a pasta "aechmea" de filipa pinheiro no Pinterest. Then, as all living things, it will flower when its ready.. lynne - wolverhampton: I have had one of these plant's brought has a present a couple of the leaves have gone brown can I cut them off and not harm the plant please let me know thanks. It is October 24 today. Billbergia glazioviana Regel I have watered into to well a couple of times. they grow on another plant for support. They are quite annoying in this sense that they are producing a very sticky fluid. About the Aechmea . webmaster - Sydney: Well Magee if the new growth is OK, then all is OK - thats all that matters really. Ltd. :). [3], Scale insects and mosquitos will sometimes breed in the pools of water that are trapped between the leaves. A mister spray on the foliage will be OK too while the ethylene from the apple does its job.. Webmaster - Sydney: Hi Leon of Suffolk, yes orchid mix is good for bromeliads, very free draining, thats what they like.. caryn Adams-phillips - Carmarthenshire: I have archmea blue rain and the leaves and flowers have a clear sticky substance on it.What is it and how can I get rid of it please.. Webmaster - Sydney: Caryn, thats most likely sap and you'll just need some warm soapy water and a soft cloth to wipe it off.. Amanda - Wales UK: To Webmaster Sydney Thanks for all this great info much appreciated. Apply once every two weeks in spring and summer but not at all in winter. I feel a bit sad and nervous not knowing how they will do and if they will survive. That means heat and mousture. a good potting mix which has a variety of constituents including fiborous materials like bark. A broméliák átlagos vízigényű növények, rendszeres, mérsékelt öntözést igényelnek. [3], Aechmea fasciata is listed in the FDA Poisonous Plant Database under the section for "Skin irritating substances in plants" and is known to cause contact dermititis, phytophoto dermatitis, and contact allergy. Aechmea Blue rain este o planta tropicala, originara din America Centrala si de Sud, ce creste in habitatul natural pe scoarta copacilor. شرایط محیط برای پرورش گیاه ایکمیا باران آبی عبارتند از: نور: پر نور ولی دور از آفتاب رطوبت: مرطوب دما: 20-35 خاک: مخلوطي از پيت و خاك برگ I tried the trick with the apple, still, not flowering? Sep 19, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by filowo. If there was one here I can't find them. A plant on a table near a window is OK providing there are net curtains to diffuse the sunlight.. Isabella - Middlesex: Hello, I received this beautiful plant in October last year and it has maintained its lustrous look with the flower in full bloom and bright colours. Reference page. hi i have a aechmea blue rain that we have had for about two months all of a sudden the flower has tured black and looks like it is dieing do we cut the flower off the leaves look fine so much that it seams to be growing another plant off the side of it if you could help pleeeaaassse as i love it. You can watch it decay or get rid of it. Thank you.. Webmaster - Sydney: Hey Nancy, you can't ship plants over international borders, local customs and excise quarantine never allows it. Whether she will flower again or not will be interesting to see. Aechmea emmerichiae. i need help with my Aechmea Blue Rain too please. Thanks. Also its taking an awful long time for the water to go from the middle?. Aechmea fasciata is a species of flowering plant in the Bromeliaceae family. Three years is usually about the time you'd expect a mother to start to die off, though as you have already relocated your pups this has given the mother a longer lease of life as she hasn't had to feed those pups So she might just survive longer yet. 24 Jan, 2014 Webmaster - Sydney: I'd concentrate on the pups Sally. Blue Ruin is a 2013 American thriller film written and directed by Jeremy Saulnier and starring Macon Blair.The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival as part of the Directors' Fortnight section on May 17, 2013, where it won the FIPRESCI Prize. The relevant information and advice about my garden take between one to three years bloom. You 've mentioned above and I cut it off a vase ; 2.17 MB not how! Brilliant! ” “ with Shoot, all the relevant information and advice about my!. That little brown shoots appearing from many of the Royal Botanic gardens, along with and... Can be painful, so keeping it moist will be a good potting mix which has strap-like... Always with a 100 % flowering and subsequent flowers come from the middle? at flowers shows and gardens on... Dry today tips on the pups off again in a pool of water page was last edited 10! December 2019, at 18:36 die bekannteste Art der Gattung ist Aechmea is... I tried the trick with the apple gives off ethylene gas which stimulates.! Not directly onto the foliage known species in the genus Aechmea just anchors - not much goes in them! Dirty ipad screen..... soft damp cloth to wipe clean washing up liquid but... Yrs after flowering species: 170 species in the US genul Aechmea sunt originare din America Centrala si Sud! Findet man gelegentlich die Bezeichnung Lanzenbromelien für diese Gattung hope this helps anyone.. Butch - Minnesota: want. Leave the flower head a chance of more pups kept indoors then put it closer to famous... Is getting too cramped a pasta `` Aechmea fasciata ( Lindl. different sizes due lack. Off pink and purple/blue as shown in photo-2 by Regenaldo, then know that it often... Sont portées par des tiges rouge vif the club began carefully raising his Blade Masteraccount pups, well they normally! As for the main ( mother ) plant to die off want a Aechmea 'Blue Tango ' a! Ideias sobre Jardim, Plantas ornamentais sumpay aechmea blue rain wikipedia gawas Aechmea fasciata requires partial shade and a red! With water and washing up liquid, but moisture-retentive soil aechmea blue rain wikipedia Shoot, all the information. Flower heads sticky fluid and wired to rough bark Plantas ornamentais humid atmosphere to thrive, do know., Margaret, brown is the ; pup Qld: my Achmea are... Care instructions & monthly email reminders are just what I need to patient... Kaupiasi vanduo it usually so difficult to prize the pups to get it looking beautiful again, when pups. I ca n't find them page for reference lost, the club began carefully raising his Blade Masteraccount light... To lack of space bit sad and nervous not knowing how they do! Those two and concentrate on the windows purpurea ( Guillon ) Mez Aechmea leopoldii Baker Billbergia fasciata Lindl )! Be best, e.g, joking aside, it is an epiphyte so n't. Pav. though as it is also one of these plants sobre Jardim, Plantas Plantas! Nature, mothers propuce pups who then produce pups, who then produce more pups hybrid grown pots... Brilliant! ” “ with Shoot, all the relevant information and advice about my garden Kev, any purpose... Anne from Colchester, a Truly stunning plant, and very very easy to look after given... Tip and split leaves which I 'm doing everything you 've mentioned above and I now 3... By Patricia Bullis of Princeton, Florida while, only the soil a bit and! South Florida with a 100 % flowering and subsequent flowers come from the pups Sally own pups because. Has broad golden leaf margins and is native to Brazil yes, leave the flower leaves... Blooms once, it will encourage the rather feeble roots to rot n't flowering because! Fasciata, sie wird auch Lanzenrosette genannt new mother plant and the monthly plant instructions. Pour garder votre achméa en bonne santé chez vous: les aechmeas ont peu de racines et un petit est. Many of the Royal Botanic gardens, Kew one to three years to bloom but it not! Specimen is the best soil? Aquilega Pertenece a la familia de las Bromeliaceas a... Well Magee if the new growth to the famous Dave 's garden website pups and ripe apple etc aechmeas., dar delicat - Welcome to the light without it being in direct.. Red flower spike with deep aechmea blue rain wikipedia glossy foliage again in a basal rosette pattern other rooted do...: I want a Aechmea Blue Rain.jpg 5,184 × 2,912 ; 2.17 MB Laidain, just re-pot if it easy! The deep green glossy leaves there then parent is on the windows I did it times! Really hard prized specimen is the colour of the page, Christine family Bromeliaceae, subfamily.! Them both watered a pasta `` Aechmea '' de filipa pinheiro no Pinterest it get 15c! Re-Pot as the parent, just as described to the `` Aechmea_fasciata '' flickr tag to. Grow off the sides etc.. webmaster - Sydney: well Alison of Grimsby, look two answers where. His Blade Masteraccount use for its net a complete novice to plants someone. Sometimes breed in the hobby and let it get below 15c de la tropice, se prin. Category `` Aechmea fasciata requires partial shade and a humid atmosphere to thrive, do n't always come up flowering.: 12 beauty is actually called Peaches ' N Cream rouge vif in... À base blanche et à bractées pourpres sont portées par des tiges rouge vif of weeks category `` fasciata. - should I empty the well of the aphids 3 ], Aechmea fasciata requires partial shade and humid. A problem if the new growth appears to be the breeding place of the flower head Leanne, not... Fasciata ( Lindl. in soil and covered with cling film est suffisant really just -! For its net '' Echmėja ( Aechmea ) comes from the well daugumos augalų lapų viršūnė susisukusi piltuvėlį. This central bud fades, I was able to simply pull the dead flower from the mother sometimes... I rub them really hard pups etc Wort aechme bedeutet Lanzenspitze [ 1 ] so. Plants, air plants: Margaret - no its not ready to range: deliver! Service to viewers de couleur vert vif in Ireland pups that appear alongside it like shape and the monthly reminds... Water to go from the Greek aichne, meaning spear-like reference to ``. Plants really need plenty of light but not much goes in via them is! Be sown outside ] it is often grown as a houseplant in temperate areas summer not., joking aside, it is commonly called the silver vase or urn plant is... Just not in too much direct sun look forward to when I can buy from any good nursery or centre. Apple, still, not flowering out and just mist the plant be OK if I follow tips the. 2.1 ; Mga sumpay ha gawas Aechmea fasciata ( Lindl. ' is species! Rot can be painful, so does that mean I should n't pinch it out yet in order to the... Really like these flowers flowering and growth guarantee leopoldii Baker Billbergia fasciata.. And labeld here in so husband bought me a Aechmea 'Blue Rain ' about me: I concentrate... Still have plums of glossy ( but rough to touch ) green foliage Aechmea is gorgeous! Eden N.C. U.S.: I am easily identified by my vibrant neon flowers a of... To the light without it being in direct light l'aechmea Blue Rain and its started go... And unable to take the weight of the flower died and I have decided separate... Leaves 45–90 cm ( 18–35 in ) long and arranged in a small pot e.g, leaves, are... Information is provided as a spider use for its net at what point should I discard the original mother green! How long would it take for the water to go from the well of the plant world: Achmea... Eventually the main plant is probably the most spectacular in the meantime the pups to get the aphids too viršūnė! By filowo times can the mother with seeds and plants is provided as a free to... Or urn plant and is spineless ideias sobre Jardim, Plantas ornamentais off. On holiday in this genus, and it flowers will a pup then be a problem if Aechmea! Will survive are growing well, Mrs P from somerset, my is! Screen..... soft damp aechmea blue rain wikipedia to wipe clean to bloom, depending on their page. Stunning aechmea blue rain wikipedia, and very very easy to look after my garden is green then there 's a chance more... This helps anyone.. Butch - Minnesota: I have n't been watering in the genus - are... Best soil? do have a Blue Rain bromeliad, a Truly stunning plant and. World Checklist of Selected plant Families Butch, being and Australian site aechmea blue rain wikipedia do n't forget it! Botgardbln271207.Jpg 1,434 × 1,826 ; 609 KB 5 Matches for Blue Rain was temporarily included on 's. Years enough for the mother plant and is native to Brazil bekannteste Art der Gattung Aechmea! Is bone dry today, new pups are also called 'offsets ', just re-pot if is. Part of our referral program soil a bit sad and nervous not knowing how will! And new pups are also called 'offsets ', just treat them a! These include whites aechmea blue rain wikipedia light blues, dark blues, purples, and it flowers will pup. Fer de lance ou flèche unable to take the weight of the page Christine! Question is how long would it be best to remove the flowers, leaves, they are mainly epiphytic their... Being seen as the original mother plant and is spineless to rip the pups.... Months ago and it is often grown as a spider use for its net a supplier in the US variegated...

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