how to divide dendrobium orchids

The Dendrobium genus is one of the largest of all orchid groups with nearly 2,000 species. Orchids like some rough treatment. If this is not possible, do not divide the plant, just repot it as is into a larger container. This group is full of beginners and experts who are happy to help but please do check out this link for quick Phalaenopsis care in the meanwhile. Water them every 1-2 weeks. Potbound native orchids bloom prolifically. Hi, I am new to orchids (and this forum). Allow the top 1 inch (2.5 cm) of the soil to dry before re-watering. Dendrobiums are primarily epiphytes, meaning they grow on other plants. Normally, you cut off the flower spike once the blossoms have dropped. I have a large dendrobium orchid that is about 16 years old, which I have repotted several times. Use Searles Orchid Mix and put charcoal, polystyrene or bark into the bottom of the pot to assist with drainage. We also have an r/orchids WIKI the admins and other volunteers are updating behind the scenes with care information and will soon make it available to the group. This orchid and many others (including Vanda, Dendrobium and Catasetum) can be easily propagated by removing “keikis” (Hawaiian word for “baby”) at the right time.. I’m a lazy orchid grower. It seems like you are looking for orchid help today. Dendrobium Repotting Question. Only divide it if a friend has been annoying you for a division or you wish to make a little pocket money by selling your excess plants. Should I divide the native? If you have to repot or you wish to divide then October is the most suitable time. Now it needs to be repotted again and divided but there are still open flowers on the plant and a new spike appearing. Dendrobium orchids can store water and are more tolerant of dry soil than overly wet soil. When dividing a cymbidium orchid, aim to have between three and five healthy bulbs in each division as that will ensure the plant flowers again next year. Basically no. Some species of dendrobium orchids have water-storing pseudobulbs, meaning they … How to grow dendrobium orchids . I received 3 orchids from my hospitalization: 2 phalaenopsis and 1 dendrobium. October/November is an ideal time. Usually the best time to re-pot and divide orchids is after the flower starts to finish and it looks daggy. Native to southeast Asia, these plants grow in all manner of climates—from hot, wet lowlands to high-altitude, cool mountains. The dendrobium is "Amar Klee." For instance, Phalaenopsis orchids, hardy to USDA zones 10 and 11, require you to cut their stems, while Dendrobium orchids, hardy to USDA zones 9 to 11, have pseudobulbs you can split. Can I divide it safely and repot it now or would it be better to put it off for a time? I have a Phalaenopsis “moth orchid” which is one of the more common orchids, especially for beginners. 1

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